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R50 feeds a child for a week

R200 feeds a child for a month

Many children in Prince Albert come from circumstances that make them vulnerable on a day to day basis.  Their vulnerability increases dramatically when unusual circumstances threaten the little stability that they have.  In these times the community faces even higher unemployment.  Children and parents cannot move between households that may help feed a hungry child.  Many people are sharing a small living space day in and day out. School meal programmes resumed in the second week of April 2020, but some children, like the very young, cannot access these meals.

Petra Brits of All Times Meals Soup Kitchen, with the help and support of PACT, the Prince Albert Municipality, volunteers and donors are stepping up to make sure vulnerable children receive meals and in the process support and monitoring.

PACT works with the schools in Prince Albert, Klaarstroom and Leeu-Gamka to help coordinate the government funded meal programmes and to bolster supplies where necessary.


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Who runs the feeding scheme?

Petra Brits of All Time Meals Soup Kitchen, a Prince Albert resident, has moved her soup kitchen to the POP centre in Rondomskrik where she and volunteer Aletta Masango prepare all the meals.  Naaim Briesies, PACT co-ordinator in Prince Albert is heading the operation.

Which children may come?

Any child may come.  At the moment 400 children come every day.  This is up from an initial 150 and may still grow.  The group ranges from todlers to teenagers.

What are the meals?

Children receive a breakfast of maize porridge with a bit of milk and sugar.  Lunch is a sandwich with a bit of cooked food, vegetables and a piece of fruit.  When it is possible to add protein, we do.

How is hygiene ensured?

Each child received a letter explaining how necessary hygiene measures are and how the mealtimes are managed.  Children wait outside the gates of the POP centre on marked spots that ensure social distancing.  Ten children are allowed inside at any given time to fetch their food and sit, again in marked spots, to eat.  When they enter the gates they wash hands.  Volunteers help the youngest.  Children who have finished eating leave through another gate after again washing hands.  Volunteers – mostly teenagers between 13 and 15 years old, manage the children.  Discipline is examplary.

How are the children allowed to leave home?

The scheme is approved by the local municpality and the provinciall authorities and allowed to operate during the lockdown period.  Children receive a letter allowing them to come to the POP centre at meal times.  The municipality and the environmental health officer helped get hygiene protocols in place and the police are informed about and supportive of the scheme.

What is the total cost per day and how is this funded?

The total cost per day for 500 children is R4250.  We anticipate more children joining.

PACT has received financial donations, food donations from local residents, farmers and a donation of food that was made to the municipality.  There is currently no financial support from any government sources.

You can help

Donate funds

Any amount helps.  Donate securely to a dedicated Payfast account using the donate button or into our bank account:



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We need extra volunteers to help with the children so that volunteers can have days off.  We need volunteers to collect food donations for the kitchen.  Volunteers are issued with permits specifying when and where they may move around.

Donate food

You can put non-perishable food items in the red bin at the SPAR.  You can call for a volunteer to collect.  If you have perishable items, please call so that we make sure nothing goes to waste.


Spread the word

Please tell people about this project.  If you are a local guesthouse, please tell any guests who valued the social development projects in Prince Albert.

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phone us:

Naaim Briesies – 082 407 4079

Azuke Ntapane – 079 409 1605

Photographs by the Knipoog team, a PACT project under guidance of Selwyn Maans

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