This year’s annual festival #us4us, held in the family park, Rondomskrik in North End, will be moving to a smaller, intimate venue as determined by Covid 19 lockdown regulations on public events – so off to the Bush Pub, an authentic Karoo venue at the end of Pastorie Avenue, bordering on thorn trees and natural veld.

The 2018 and 2019 events held in September were characterised by large crowds and large local participation, now becomes a very intimate event of only 50-75 attendees, with almost the same amount of artists and crew from the community, however, as the arts finds its way to keep connection with audiences, the event will be live streamed over various social media platforms and documented with the help of a fledgling TV channel called Roots TV.

What makes this event so unique is its local flavour.

From the artists performing original music to the LAPklank crew doing stage and sound, to the AV team called KnipOog, and then last but not least, local chefs making food on the fire, celebrating community by eating together, the much loved Groet is ‘n Moet event is not forgotten but integrated into #us4us.

This is a no covers concert, which features local guitarists, rappers, bands and vocalist.

Tickets are R150.00 for adults and R75.00 for scholars.
A cash bar is also on site.
Available at the PACT pop center or PA tourism.
Speak to Wally on to find out more.

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